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Simon Rogers è direttore del Datablog and Datastore del quotidiano The Guardian, una banca dati online che pubblica centinaia di dati grezzi e incoraggia i suoi utenti a visualizzarli e analizzarli. E’ curatore delle notizie su The Guardian, e dei due libri How Slow Can You Waterski e The Hutton Inquiry and its impact. Nel 2010, Simon ha ricevuto una menzione speciale della Royal Statistical Society per l'eccellenza giornalistica.

Simon Rogers is editor of The Guardian's Datablog and Datastore, an online data resurce which publishes hundreds of raw datasets and encourages its users to visualise and analyse them. He is also a news editor on The Guardian, working with the graphics team to visualise and interpret huge datasets. He was closely involved in The Guardian's exercise to crowdsource 450,000 MP expenses records and the organisation's coverage of the Afghanistan Wikileaks war logs. Previously he was the launch editor of The Guardian's online news service and has edited the paper's science section. He has edited two Guardian books: How Slow Can You Waterski and The Hutton Inquiry and its impact. In 2010, Simon received a special commendation from the Royal Statistical Society in its awards for journalistic excellence.