A collective exhibition of ten artists from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region that will enlighten the theme of healing scars, meaning the social, emotional, historical but even territorial ones. Every artist has been asked to describe and represent this subject by their personal experience: after a decade of war and repression, artists from countries of the MENA region are particularly well positioned to discuss these issues, as they are dealing on a personal basis with experiences like trauma, exile, and recovery. In this case art is called to create the ground to let bloom all the words that are needed to be told, to create a space for dialogue and growth. The gallery will sell the artworks in order to help the victims of the earthquake that affected Syria and Turkey.

The event is open to all.

Organised by Indigo Art Gallery and Café, Mena Art Gallery/Untold Stories

Venue: Indigo Art Gallery and Café, Via Oberdan 51, Perugia

Contact info: edeangelis@gmail.comchiara.guidoni@hotmail.it