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Join an urgent discussion with Sudan’s brave media and human rights defenders on how to cover Sudan from inside and outside. Learn about the latest situation, and how to lift up this vital story, on Friday April 15th at Timbuktu Cafe from 6:30 to 8:00pm.

Photographer Ron Haviv from VII will moderate a conversation with Sudan Human Rights Hub director Moneim Adam, Zemenfes GebreMikael of Radio Tamazuj and Trevor Snapp of Gisa Group/Ayin. We will hear the latest from the ground, answer questions about access and working with local journalists, and share story ideas. We will also share news about the recent launch of the Sudan Media Forum which unites Sudan’s best and most independent media.

The numbers are staggering, nearly 8.5 million Sudanese individuals are forcibly displaced including four million children. Five million people live on the verge of starvation. Meanwhile the UN and international community has been unable to create a coherent response or pressure the warring parties to provide humanitarian access.. It is likely that 1-2 million people will die if the current situation continues, mostly women and children.

Yet little of this is reported.

The most common war anniversary story was not about what was happening, it was about the “forgotten war.” Since April 15th the journalism community in Sudan has been decimated. Thousands were forced to flee and it remains almost impossible for international media to report on the story. Now is the time for independent journalists, donors, and media development organization to join together and change this.

Moneim Adam will also share some inspiring Sudanese music created by his brother.

Venue: Café Timbuktu, Via Nicola Danzetta 22, Perugia.