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This aperitivo will involve the launch and a discussion around two UNESCO Issue briefs:

Journalism for Development, co-authored by Joseph Stiglitz, Anya Schiffrin and Dylan Groves. The brief discusses the role of journalism promoting democracy, political accountability and sustainable development. The authors analyze the recent trends in academic research on the effects of journalism on democratic society, economic development, and public accountability. The studies analyzed underscore that journalism serves a crucial role in society by in educating the public, fighting corruption, and promoting sustainable development.

Data sharing to foster information as a public good, authored by Guy Berger. AI’s ascent shows the many values of data, which strongly reinforces media awareness of the power of this asset. How data analysis can help with media viability, and with the safety of journalists, is at the heart of this UNESCO publication. The research delves into the prospects and possibilities for media stakeholders getting access to relevant data held by Internet companies, and makes concrete recommendations for progress.

The briefs will be presented by Anya Schiffrin (Senior Lecturer in International and Public Affairs, Columbia University) and Guy Berger (Professor Emeritus, Rhodes University and a former UNESCO Director).

This event is open to all (if possible, please confirm your participation at: s.mccabe@unesco.org).

Venue: Il Birraio, Via delle Prome 18, Perugia.

Contact info: s.mccabe@unesco.org

Organised by UNESCO.