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The Coalition for Independent Tech Research works to advance, defend, and sustain the right to study the impact of technology on society. As a coalition of journalists, civil society researchers, academics, and community scientists, we advocate for policies that enable independent technology research, and we organize mutual defense campaigns when our researchers face attacks as a result of their work. Our goal is to ensure that the public has access to trustworthy, independent information about the impact of technology on our lives and in our communities.

We’re delighted to host an aperitivo to connect with our members attending IJF and meet new people who are interested in the Coalition’s work. Please join us for an evening of bites and drinks with Coalition staff and members from across the globe! This year in particular we’re organizing to secure broad access to platform data for independent researchers and journalists, and we’re eager to hear from you about the challenges journalists face with this and how we can help.

We’re prioritizing Coalition members for this event but will have limited space for additional attendees. If you’d like to attend, please register by Thursday, April 18th.

This event is open to all, until filled.

Venue: Il Birraio, Via delle Prome 18, Perugia.

Contact info: Maia Woluchem maia@independenttechresearch.org.

Organised by Coalition for Independent Tech Research.