Journalism Tech Alliance is led by GFMD and OCCRP, with GIJN, ICIJ, the Pulitzer Centre, the Center for Journalism and Liberty and other journalism organisations, and academic and philanthropic partners. The initiative is dedicated to tackling the pressing challenges encountered by investigative journalism and data newsrooms, which stem from the substantial expenses and constraints associated with cloud computing. Its goal is to work together to find ways of making data storage and processing capacity more accessible and affordable for investigative and data newsrooms.

The meeting will cover the findings from an ongoing survey to assess investigative and data journalism organisations' data storage and processing requirements. Furthermore, there will be a thorough examination of market analysis concerning computational and cloud services, with a specific focus on data storage and processing solutions, as well as LLMs pertinent to investigative and data journalism. The discussion will revolve around the rationale behind forming an alliance among interested organizations and, pending consensus, establishing the scope and primary objectives for collaborative efforts. Participants will also discuss tech opportunities and future scenarios related to LLMs, strategies and tools that can be developed with access to more data and with increased cloud computing power.

This inaugural meeting is by invitation only, but anyone interested in joining is welcome to get in touch.

Venue: Perugia Centro Congressi, Hotel Gio, Via Ruggero D'Andreotto 19, Perugia.

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