In the last decade, states have acquired sophisticated surveillance tools that are installed on cell phones and other devices and can access the user's cameras, microphones, information, and private documents. The use of these tools by Latin American states against citizens, journalists and human rights activists has been verified, thus violating their privacy, their rights and freedom of the press and expression. The trade in intrusive technologies is on the rise, secret surveillance operates in every market in the world, and journalists have become the prime targets. Through interviews with producers and experts in surveillance technologies, official entities, journalists who are victims of digital surveillance, human rights defenders, social leaders and other stakeholders, we intend to expose the reality of this problem in the most objective way possible and seek to propose possible solutions and ways to regulate and control such technologies to protect the freedom of the press and citizens. The film will be followed by Q&A with a panel of speakers.

The event is open to all but if you are interested in attending please email by 15 April because space is limited.

Venue: Indigo Art Gallery and Café, Via Oberdan 51, Perugia.

Organised by FLIP and Media Defence.