Learn about DIY aerial photography using kites and balloons: fly a kite or balloon, map an area of Perugia, learn how to make a composite aerial photograph using MapKnitter, and learn how to interpret aerial photos, their uses, and examples of how/where DIY mapping has been used around the world (including how this all began during the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico 2010). No prior experience is required.

In the first part of this session we will gather data flying a kite over Perugia. In the second part we will learn how to analyse and interpret the images we collect.

About Public Lab: we are a community that develops and applies open-source tools to environmental exploration and investigation. By democratizing inexpensive and accessible 'Do-It-Yourself' (DIY) techniques, Public Lab creates a collaborative network of practitioners who actively re-imagine the human relationship with the environment. Through the process of first-hand data creation and analysis, community researchers build expertise in critical thinking and technologies with broader application to their role as civic participants.

The Public Lab community is made-up of an open community of contributors from around the world; a set of experimental tools; a network of local groups; an open data archive; free and open source software from map making and publishing to spectral analysis; and a platform to build collaborations.

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This session is part of the School of Data Journalism organised in association with European Journalism Centre and Open Knowledge Foundation