Does the role of public editor require rethinking? Should the role of a public editor that holds news organizations to account for their journalistic standards be an inside or outside job? When Kyle Pope, editor and publisher of the Columbia Journalism Review, appointed four “public editors” to report on -- and hold accountable to the public -- four major American news organizations last year he shone a light on the diminished role of the public editor/news ombudsman in global newsrooms over past decades. That decision sparked debate among existing public editors and news ombudsman appointed by news organizations to hold their journalists to account and evoked discussion about the future of the role of a public editor in the digital age.

This panel features CJR’s Pope with Margaret Sullivan, former New York Times public editor and current Washington Post media columnist, and Kathy English, Toronto Star public editor and board member of the Organizations of News Ombudsman and Standards Editors. Moderated by Mathew Ingram, chief digital writer for the Columbia Journalism Review.