Why do most media outlets do not prepare for crisis, even if one is already knocking at their door? The recent past has shown how exposed media outlets are to sudden shocks and disruptions. Many have struggled in the last few years: violent conflicts, the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, inflationary spirals and economic downturns. Crises which threaten media viability and continuity, in addition to already existing challenges of digital disruption, authoritarian political regimes, and eroding public trust.

Yet some media outlets can adapt quickly. They not only survive disasters but continue to deliver the information people need in times of crisis. And often go even beyond capturing new audiences despite the odds.

In this session, media managers from Iraq, Myanmar and Belarus will share their most successful strategies and shed some light on how to best encourage media to prepare for crisis.  The panelists work in war or in extremely hostile and sometimes violent environments for journalists. They have experienced massive digital threats, have had to leave their homeland for security reasons in some cases and successfully steered their organisation through those crises.

Organised in association with DW Akademie.