I wish I had known then… (advice from a founder and executive director on building a mission-first newsroom with impact)

Sarah Alvarez and Candice Fortman have worked together closely for four years, building Outlier Media in Detroit from a one-person news project with a budget in the tens of thousands to a local anchor newsroom with an operating budget of close to two million dollars a year whose practices and approaches have been replicated around the world. They have never shared a stage together or talked openly and publicly about the lessons they’ve learned in growing Outlier. In this presentation, they will share how they help keep one another balanced in a tough journalism ecosystem, offer tools for building a supportive work partnership, and how they stay eager to continue learning and improving.

The speakers will talk about the following:

Tips on building a team and creating an environment that inspires loyalty and growth.

How to fundraise without already being connected to wealth: growing support from individuals, foundations, and other revenue streams.

How to identify the right partner for your work and keep the partnership strong.

Investing in the right collaborators and knowing which to keep at a distance.

Balancing community participation and involvement within the newsroom.

Organised in association with Outlier Media.