More than half the world’s population will get to vote for their government in 2024, making it the biggest election year in history, according to The Economist. Almost 100 different elections will happen in the next 12 months - so it's a good time to take a look at how we actually cover them. In many countries elections are no longer fully fair, in some this is the final act of liberal democracies because the rest of the system is rigged by populists. The “horse race” approach has been criticized for years but… not much has been done to change it on a significant scale.

During this session we will take a look at the elections in Poland in 2023 where due to the massive outcome of voters the liberal opposition overthrew the ultra-conservative populist government. We will go to Slovakia - where populists won, and think about Romania which will have four different elections just in in 2024. With the upcoming EU elections we will give ideas, solutions and analyze failures in different elections. Think how focusing on the citizens and their needs can actually help them rather then bluntly following and chasing politicians. How to cut through noise? How to make hard choices when editors and journalists have to cover lies? Moderated by Jakub Gornicki.

Organised in association with Outriders.