Disinformation using generative AI existed before but became a big thing in 2023 - and this challenge will be even bigger in 2024. Due to improved generative programs and a better accessibility of AI apps, we can see a rise in use of AI technologies. And this applies also for the spreading of false information; AI-generated images and videos are flooding our social feeds. The conflict between Israel and Hamas is just one of many examples to prove this. Deepfakes are aiming to influence elections and voting behaviour. Fake AI-generated influencers or even doctors have millions of views on their social media accounts. And a part of the audience isn't aware about the fact, that these figures aren't real.

What can journalism offer to detect AI disinformation and to strengthen people's resilience to AI-based propaganda, misinformation and disinformation? What techniques of research can we use? What kind of content could we offer? And how reliable and helpful are AI detector programs?

Joscha Weber will try to answer these questions together with the audience during a workshop dedicated to this growing challenge. As Deutsche Welle's head of fact-checking, he will include examples of DW's verification work and will share examples which help to understand the process of fact-checking.

Organised in association with Deutsche Welle.