Much has been said about the erosion of democracy around the world but much less attention is being paid to how authoritarian regimes (or far-right populists) are using “gender” (specific visions of masculinity, femininity, and the family) to consolidate or build political power. This is not about your standard misogyny or homophobia but about leveraging fear for political gain. The session’s speakers will uncover what the “anti-gender movement” is, describing what’s happening in different parts of the world where they have lived or reported, identifying a global cast of characters mobilising resources and sharing rhetoric or tactics to build a world in which women and LGBTQI+ communities are less than equal.

Whether interested in gender reporting or in the coverage of politics and society, join us to better recognise the signs of the times and explore ways to tell these stories to diverse audiences. Moderated by Eliza Anyangwe.

Sponsored by CNN As Equals.