Natalie White

program officer United for News

Natalie White is Program Officer for United for News, a global multi-stakeholder coalition of media, NGOs and private industry committed to supporting reputable news media around the world, Natalie is responsible for guiding the development of the coalition’s gender equality program, aimed at amplifying the authoritative voice of women in news. In 2019 she is overseeing the launch of several pilot programs designed to increase the extent to which newsrooms source female subject matter experts in their stories and the development of a global best-practices handbook to guide news teams in this effort. In addition to providing strategic support for the women’s voices initiative, Natalie coordinates engagement and partner contributions for the United for News community and programs generally.

Previously, Natalie worked with a technology company helping broadcasters around the world to grow their audience and develop new business models on mobile platforms. She has a Masters in Human Geography from the University of Washington where she studied labor migration and international development, and is returned Peace Corps volunteer.

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