If we were able to influence the decision-making process of news algorithms, how would that work and what does it look like?

How should news ranking and recommendation systems work? One answer has been: news quality. Namely: higher-quality news should rise to the top; recommendation systems should surface pieces that are better journalistic examples than others. The NewsQ initiative has explored the meaning of news quality, with the assumption that surfacing quality journalism might also make it more economically viable. Of course, news quality is a complicated, and not clearly understood concept. There are aspects around which experienced journalists are likely to disagree, depending on the context in question. At the same time, news ranking and recommendation systems are built around specific processes and clear rules that require specificity. For example, if local news or original reporting are important aspects to consider, how might their importance vary according to science news versus a critical disaster?

If there is a question as to how we want algorithms to work, it needs to be grounded in what observations we can make now.

Join NewsQ’s team for an interactive workshop and panel focused on defining quality in journalism and figuring out how to elevate it within news ranking and recommendation systems. At the end of the workshop, the NewsQ team will host a brief Q&A with experts on the subject, including Jenny 8. Lee and others, and moderated by Jeff Jarvis.

Organised in association with MisinfoCon.