Why does a 26-year-old journalist decide to go undercover with six cameras on her body, living an isolated life as a Hindu nationalist, undertaking one of the riskiest undercover operations? What happens when the contents of the investigation are censored? How does the world's largest democracy threaten, intimidate and stifle a journalist who has been exposing Narendra Modi's majoritarian regime? Rana Ayyub has been threatened with a deepfake porn video, circulated all over the country with a tidal wave of abuse. She was doxxed, slut shamed, forced to go into hiding. In December 2019, Rana Ayyub was profiled by the New Yorker for their cover story Blood and Soil in Narendra Modi's India. She will be talking about the need for journalism in these dark times for the world. Moderated by Courtney Radsch.