Investigative journalists and independent publications have always been a thorn in the side of those in power, particularly of corrupt governments. In recent years media censorship and repression of independent press, already bad, took a sharp turn for the worse, especially in corners of the world where media freedom is under threat. In countries like Turkey and Azerbaijan where the state controls most of the media, journalists have been jailed in scores, many publications shut down, many reporters forced to flee their countries to escape threats to their safety. Reporters covering war-torn Syria face a whole different set of difficulties.

Undeterred by their forced departure, however, some of the exile journalists continue to report about abuse of power, government wrongdoing, and in doing so are keeping their fellow citizens informed from afar. In their new adopted country, some reporters are even starting up publications in exile.

In this panel, the speakers will discuss attempts to silence free media and the state of exile journalism. Speakers will also try to answer some of the following questions: What are the challenges exile journalists face? How do you cover a country/region from abroad? How new technologies can aid exile journalism? Experienced journalists will share their experience from living and reporting in exile.