In an age of misinformation and distrust of the media, World News Day brings together newsrooms from around the world for a single, critical mission: to highlight the power of journalism to effect deep and lasting change.

What better way to share journalism’s impact than to hear stories from the people we cover, whose lives were changed, who had justice served when institutions or authority figures failed them? Journalists are champions of truth, the rock stars who make a difference every day and compel those in positions of power to make the right decisions.

But don’t take our word for it. Listen to those we serve.

World News Day aims to raise public awareness of the critical role that newsrooms and journalists play in providing the public with credible and reliable news and views, to help people make sense of – and improve – the rapidly changing world around them.

In 2019 World News Day counted 50 newsrooms from 20 countries celebrating through the eyes of their audience. Join us for this global event on September 28 for #WorldNewsDay #NewsMatters.