In Afghanistan, where the Taliban's tightening grip on media freedoms poses unprecedented challenges, Amu TV stands out as a critical source of independent news and entertainment for the Afghan people. Founded by a group of Afghan journalists led by CEO Lotfullah Najafizada, Amu TV has quickly become a prominent exile TV channel, devised in response to the dire need for unbiased reporting and cultural content in Afghanistan.

Lotfullah Najafizada will share insights into the inception of Amu TV against the backdrop of increasing restrictions. He will discuss the operational challenges, the strategies for content delivery amidst censorship, and the impact of these efforts on the Afghan community both within the country and globally. This interview aims to shed light on the resilience of Afghan journalists in preserving media freedom in Afghanistan and the critical role of exile media in offering a platform for uncensored information and hope.

Lotfullah Najafizada will be in conversation with Phil Chetwynd.