Belarus’ media environment is among the most restrictive in Europe with the state using physical, digital and legal measures to control the information space and to ensure high levels of state propaganda and Russian disinformation penetration. However, despite the fact that since 2021 most news outlets have operated from exile, they retain the reach and trust of their audiences inside Belarus. This is a unique situation not only in Europe, but also in the world.

The workshop aims to present specific solutions used by the Belarusian media in exile in reaching their audiences through a digital curtain erected by the Belarusian authorities. This workshop will be interesting for those media who operate in restricted environments or those who would like to learn more about the media situation in Belarus. will present its solution – a cloud-based mirror service, which is tailored specifically for publishers and news media. Nasha Niva will showcase its solution in reaching audiences inside Belarus through the use of platforms and recommendation services.

Moderated by Natalia Belikova.