This panel presents the first insights from the new global research project Disarming Disinformation, which has seen researchers embedded in multiple international newsrooms to study their responses to information pollution in the context of looming elections. 2024 is recognised as pivotal year for democracy in dozens of countries - from the United States to South Africa - and the function of independent journalism in securing and popularising facts, and scrutinsing elections, is pivotal. It is this democratic function that also exposes journalists and news organisation to increased attacks - on their safety, sustainability and freedom - in election periods.

The Disarming Disinformation project is studying editorial responses to disinformation anchored in five countries: the US, the Philippines, Brazil, South Africa and Georgia. Lead researcher Julie Posetti will be joined by four editors participating in the project to discuss their insights and experiences, among them is Nobel Laureate Maria Ressa, who has warned that "In 2024, democracy could fall off a cliff."

Organised in association with International Center for Journalists.