Join Yasmina and Shamshir in a session exploring the incredible journey of DW Asian Language Services' Facebook and Instagram pages, which experienced unprecedented growth in 2023. With an average month-on-month growth of 27.33% on Facebook and 8.56% on Instagram, DW Asian Language Services have become a testament to the transformative potential of short-form videos in the digital age.

Key points:

Universal effectiveness: delve into the effectiveness of short-form video platforms across diverse media sectors, showcasing the gains observed by Asia's Language Services.

Expanding viewership: discover how video consumption has surged in regions historically lacking viewership or social media attention, providing insights into emerging trends.

Navigating influencer journalism: explore strategies for reliable sources of information to compete with clickbait content in an era dominated by influencer journalism.

Brand strategies and challenges: uncover how brands can strategically leverage short-form videos and the challenges they face in this dynamic digital landscape.

Future of short-form content: gain insights into the future of short-form video content and strategies for staying ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving media landscape.

Organised in association with Deutsche Welle.