Astrid Csuraji

co-fondatrice e CEO

Astrid Csuraji is co-founder and CEO of, a German media startup exploring the internet of things for journalism. She prototypes new devices for news consumption, sensor-based reporting and public-powered journalism. Currently Astrid and her team are working on a software for dialogue-driven journalism with support of the Open Knowledge Foundation and Prototype Fund Germany.

In 2019 Astrid co-created the campaign "Who owns Lüneburg?" which led to a crowd investigation on the housing and rental market in her home town. The project was a collaborative effort of local newspaper Landeszeitung and Correctiv, a German investigative non-profit. Astrid and her team created information picnics and bike tours, sent door-to-door teams into hard-to-reach communities and started a public discussion - online and offline. People engaged over free coffee and on instagram. Astrid also facilitates Design Sprints and teaches journalists around the globe in data-driven and mobile storytelling.

She is a member of the jury at German Reporter Awards and presents the German Local Journalism Awards. She speaks, consults and writes about the internet of things and journalism as conversation.

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