Evgenia Javakhishvili

trauma counselor SAFE program IREX

Evgenia Javakhishvili is a trauma counselor, trainer and psychosocial domain technical expert for the SAFE (Securing Access to Free Expression) Program at IREX.

Evgenia is trauma counselor, trainer and mental health professional with more than 15 years of experience in psychosocial support, trauma management and human rights field. In 2016 she joined IREX SAFE Europe center as a psychosocial trainer and technical expert, supporting journalists, civil society and human rights organizations in matters of psychological safety and security in the region within the frame of holistic approach. Evgenia has extensive experience of working in the field of children's rights, providing psychological support to children, families and communities affected by war and/or marginalized communities, in cooperation with UNICEF, World Vision and Save The Children initiatives.

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