Eyal Abrahami

cofondatore e direttore Shomrim

Eyal Abrahami, the editor-in-chief of Shomrim, has held a number of key reporting and editing roles in Israeli media. He served as a police reporter in Jerusalem, a reporter coordinator at the national daily newspaper Haaretz, and an investigative editor at the weekly magazine Sheva Yamim (seven days), part of the Yedioth Ahronoth media group. From 2009 to 2018, he was the editor of G Magazine, published by the financial daily newspaper Globes. During his career, Abrahami covered significant news events, including the the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, the era of suicide bombings in Jerusalem, and the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami disaster. At the beginning of 2020 he was among the founders of Shomrim, Israel’s first investigation platform. In the 3 years that passed, Shomrim published over 200 investigative articles about Israeli society and government. At the same time Shomrim took part in international joint projects like the Pandora papers and the Fincen files. Other investigations by Shomrim were published in international media outlets like ProPublica, The Washington Post, Bloomberg and AP.

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