Finbarr Bermingham

South China Morning Post

Finbarr Bermingham is a Brussels-based correspondent covering Europe's relationship with China. He is the Senior Europe Correspondent for the Hong Kong newspaper the South China Morning Post, a role he has held since 2021.

Over the last decade, he has reported on China through a number of different lenses. From Europe, he has led coverage on the EU's attempts to unpick its economic dependencies on China and the backlash against Beijing's growing assertiveness. During seven years in Hong Kong, he reported on the turbulent ups and downs of the Chinese economy, through the US-China trade war and the Trump years, to the radical transformation of its manufacturing base during Covid-19.

In recent years, he has produced long investigations into Western firms' murky ties to human rights abuses in Xinjiang and won awards for his reporting on the "wild west” of China’s medical supply chains during the early months of the pandemic. Finbarr has launched and hosted a series of podcasts on China, including the Webby-nominated China Geopolitics.

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