Simon Kretschmer

managing director Correctiv

Simon Kretschmer is the managing director of CORRECTIV.

Previously, he worked for 16 years for Bertelsmann. He studied Economics and Business Administration in Kassel, London and Cape Town and worked in Sydney and Seoul. His career at Gruner+Jahr, the magazine publishing division of Bertelsmann, brought him to the position as the deputy publishing director of the Stern Group, STERN is of the two most important news magazines in Germany. He was at that time responsible for different print and digital brands of the group. After that he was appointed as the Head of the G+J Division Business & Special Interest in October 2013. Simon Kretschmer moved to Berlin to run the offices of Gruner+Jahr there and take over the operations as publisher and managing director. He was in charge of the magazines and online businesses of Germany's biggest business magazine CAPITAL, the business and lifestyle brand BUSINESS PUNK and the well-known soccer brand 11FREUNDE. In addition to his job at Gruner+Jahr, he became part of the board of trustees of CORRECTIV in summer 2017 and one year later he joined the team in his current position.

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