Tai Nalon

cofondatrice e direttrice Aos Fatos

Tai Nalon is co-founder and the executive director of Aos Fatos, an award-winning organization based in Brazil focused on tech-driven journalism to combat disinformation. With 15 years in the journalism industry, she oversees a team of 20+ professionals, among journalists, developers, OSINT experts, and data scientists divided into three key areas: editorial, technology, and innovation.

Tai has been recognized as one of the most innovative leaders in journalism by fundraising, developing, and managing creative projects that tackle misinformation while also publishing relevant investigations on the role digital platforms and politicians play in Brazilian democracy. She leads the team that won the 2020 Gabriel García Márquez Award on Innovation; the 2020 Digital Media LATAM for best digital project; the 2019 Claudio Weber Abramo Brazilian Data Journalism Awards on Innovation; and was a finalist for the 2019 Online Journalism Awards on General Excellence for micro-newsrooms.

She worked for several media companies in Rio, Brasília and São Paulo, including Folha de S.Paulo, piauí, G1 and Veja, always with a focus on national politics and public policies. Tai holds a degree in Social Communication, major Journalism, from the State University of Rio de Janeiro.

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