The new Council for European Public Space aims to contribute intellectual leadership towards a European Public Space cons­tituted according to democratic rules. The think-and-do-tank will develop evidence-based and politically viable strategies to advance the goal of an open, fair, and safe European Public Space. It will advocate for rights and major investments from EU institutions and support existing initiatives from science, industry, and civil society.

The Council for European Public Space supports Display, an initiative by independent, not-for-profit media organizations from across Europe to build a ground-breaking media platform anchored in public values. The European Commission is funding the development of this platform with €2.3 million. The platform will provide citizens across the continent with access both to trustworthy information and to a picture of Europe that is not usually conveyed by mainstream or national media organizations. Through translation, syndication and originally-created content we will gather and disseminate trustworthy, community-driven media from Cape Roca to the Ural watershed. Built from a sovereign, self-governed, open-source digital infrastructure, will break-free from the Big Tech social media and streaming platforms that currently filter and frame media production across Europe. This more democratic display of Europe will be a force for free speech and democracy across the continent. The Council as well as Display are interested in gaining new partners and further funding.

Sponsored by European Cultural Foundation.