Most of us think we are above average listeners, but often when we think we are listening we are actually distracted by the voices in our head. Deep Listening is a powerful approach based on listening to yourself first in order to establish a relationship of trust and an authentic understanding of people from different perspectives, invaluable for journalists.

This Deep Listening interactive workshop will deliver a way for you to surface what an interviewee really thinks and feels and so that they feel heard. It is an approach to engage across divides of perspective or power – to surface a deeper and more authentic narrative. This approach is especially pertinent now, with a greater awareness of intersecting inequalities and power disparities. Learning how to Deeply Listen can also be invaluable for your ability to lead, your relationship with colleagues as well as your relationships with partners, children, and parents. There will be an opportunity for everyone to be deeply listened to by a colleague while also having the chance to practice the approach in the workshop.

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