African audiences have displayed similar trends reported in global journalism reports; decreased trust in the media, in journalists and the news they produce. Africa has over 80% of coverage focused on “hard news” comprising politics and politicians, conflicts, and crises-driven events, while a third of all coverage on Africa was from non-African sources.

The solutions journalism approach which prioritises reporting on responses to social problems has been changing the tide, with formal training and support for 60 newsrooms across four countries.

This panel gives insights into case studies from a diverse range of news outlets (female-owned, non-English community radio, large print media groups and television channels) in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda and Rwanda, to discuss the progress and challenges that exist as African journalists change the stereotypes and shift the narratives prevalent in reporting from and about Africa through solutions-oriented news stories. All panelists are implementing partners of the Solutions Journalism Network via subgrants, and have been working directly with the newsrooms as part of the Solutions Journalism Africa Initiative.

What we will discuss: 1. Case studies of how solutions journalism is changing journalists' behaviour. 2. Case studies and details of the role of language and format (type of media outlet and size of media outlet) in the Initiative as a way of shaping the journalism agenda. 3. Details of special training programmes delivered by us in shifting the narrative.

Organised in association with Solutions Journalism Network.