Sharon Atieno

online news editor Science Africa

Sharon Atieno is a science journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya with vast experience reporting in environment, climate, health and other science issues across Africa. Currently, she is the online news editor at Science Africa, a media outlet in Nairobi. In the four years, she has been reporting actively, she has had training in investigative, data and solutions journalism. So far, she has done several stories but more recently, she was able to do an investigative story that highlighted how sugarcane factories are infringing on communities' right to the environment by polluting water sources especially rivers being that they are based in rural areas where rivers are the main sources of water. She considers her biggest achievement so far is being part of the East African team working with oxpeckers to develop WildEye East Africa, a tool that will be used by journalists to help generate data on wildlife crime in the region.

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