Louise Story, who was pivotal to the digital transformations and innovation reports of The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, joins Dmitry Shishkin, who first brought “user needs” as an important concept in newsrooms while he was a leader at The BBC and recently joined Ringier AG as CEO for their international media division, in a discussion about what new user needs will develop as AI becomes more widespread. AI and the tools being built using AI will provide services and experiences that reshape the expectations of the public about online experiences. This discussion will explore what new types of user needs may emerge and how news companies can build AI for the news users of the future even as they deploy it today. Among the areas they will cover: the likely changes to search and content distribution, expectations users will likely have about discovery and story formats, and services news companies might consider exploring as AI-enabled new business areas.

A conversation between Louise Story and Dmitry Shishkin.