Alexander Sangerlaub

direttore futur eins

Alexander Sängerlaub leads the think & do tank futur eins for the future of digital publics spheres. He has been working on digital public spheres for a long time and prefers to do so holistically. Since 2017, he has been helping to build the Strengthening Digital Public Spheres department at the Berlin-based think tank Stiftung Neue Verantwortung, where he led projects on disinformation (“fake news”), fact-checking, and digital news literacy. His study Quelle: Internet?, published with Anna-Katharina Meßmer and Leonie Schulz, won 2022 the Hans-Bausch-Mediapreis of SWR and Uni Tübingen. In 2014, he founded the utopian political magazine Kater Demos – the first German constructive journalism magazine – and was head of editorial & creation.

He studied journalism, politicial communication and psychology in Berlin. His never-written dissertation entitled Who needs journalists when you can have robots? on journalism and artificial intelligence was always interrupted by life (aka Kater Demos).

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