Lot Carlier

direttrice Vereniging Veronica/V-Ventures

Lot Carlier is a seasoned professional with 28 years of experience across the media industry, strategic consultancy, and investment management. During her tenure in the publishing sector, Lot held pivotal roles at VNU and Sanoma, managing teams and leading initiatives to navigate the industry's transition from print to multi-channel formats, spearheading reorganizations and restructuring efforts to meet evolving demands.

Driven by her passion for media and Africa, Lot co-founded the Africa Media Ventures Fund mobilizing capital and expertise to invest in African media entrepreneurs, aiming to foster both financial returns and knowledge-sharing with young African innovators.

In 2020, Lot combined her media expertise with her investment background as the Executive Director at V-Ventures, the investment arm of Vereniging Veronica, engaging with innovative entrepreneurs and providing support through financing, advice, and network connections.

Vereniging Veronica/V-Ventures aims to contribute to the development of a vital and sustainable media landscape. To this end, it invests in innovative models, individuals, and instruments that contribute to resilient media as a guarantee for a free and diverse society.

In executing one of the ambitions of V-Ventures to strengthen revenue potential of independent publishers, Lot came up with the idea for SV-Docs, a groundbreaking documentary development initiative in collaboration with Scenery that bridges the worlds of journalism and filmmaking. The project aims to support investigative journalists with compelling stories to share and that want to translate those stories into documentaries to maximize the impact and create additional revenue streams.

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