Veronika Munk

fondatrice e direttrice Telex

Veronika Munk is the founding Editor-in-Chief and Head of Content Development of the independent Hungarian online news daily Telex. She is an award-winning Hungarian journalist with 20 years of experience. She was the deputy editor-in-chief at Index, Hungary’s largest online news daily, from where she and her 80+ colleagues resigned in July 2020 due to external political influence on the newspaper. They launched Telex in October 2020, nine weeks after their mass resignation. Today around 6-700,000 people read Telex every day. Telex is the market-leading crowdfunded online news daily in Hungary with a 70-strong newsroom that was built with the idea of creating a fully independent media product in a country where the free press is in bad shape. Veronika has a media studies PhD and teaches courses on journalism at ELTE University, the largest Hungarian university.

Photo credit: Ajpek Orsi

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