Irene Caselli

giornalista freelance

Irene Caselli is a freelance multimedia journalist reporting for the BBC, Deutsche Welle, Washington Post, and The Guardian, among others. She is a senior editor at Worldcrunch and a contributing editor for Index on Censorship magazine. She was based in Latin America for a decade, as a BBC correspondent in Argentina, Venezuela and Ecuador. Prior to that, she was a producer in London. She is now based in her home country, Italy, working on a multimedia project on women's football and gender inequality, A Girls' Game. One of the project's shorts, broadcast on Al Jazeera, won the 2018 Hostwriter prize for collaborative journalism. Irene has been awarded fellowships by the IWMF, the European Journalism Centre and the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma. She is on the advisory board of Outriders, a Poland-based storytelling start-up.

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